Month: August 2015

Smoking at the hotel?

Everybody knows that. You are staying in a hotel and you want to enjoy a fine cigarette after your dinner because you have an exhausting day behind you. There is always the same problem, however.

You are not allowed to smoke inside the building and outside there is rain, a thunderstorm, it is too cold or too hot. Usually, you want to avoid such uncomfortable weather conditions.

Smoking at the hotel is mostly not allowed.

However, you cannot do this in that case because you want to enjoy your well-earned cig. Normally, you would think that you have to live with such everyday compromises, but I tell you that you do not need to. There is a very good alternative that allows you to enjoy a good smoke without the need to go outside.

You do not always need alternatives in your life. The answer to that problem is an electronic cigarette. Because you produce fog and not smoke while using this device, it is no harm to your environment.

There is no danger of remains of cigarette smell in the furniture or textiles and it is also no harm to the non-smokers. So this is the perfect alternative to smoke your cigarette wherever you want to. That is smoking as it should be. Fair enough.

You now know that an electronic cigarette could be a good alternative for you. What is the best e cigarette for me then? That is a question which is not easy to answer. There are numerous models available and they have such unique characteristics that it is often very difficult to choose one specific model.

To solve this different choice, you should make clear to yourself what you prefer.

What is important to you when you smoke? Is it important to you that you have a strong battery? Nothing can be more annoying than an electronic device that is empty almost every time you need it.

Or do you want to have as many possibilities as possible when it comes to the flavour of your e-liquid? There are also models who can serve you with that. Or do you want an e-cig that also has alternatives to nicotine? Yes, even that is possible!

So you see, before you choose a specific e-cig model, you should think about what you prefer when smoking. That way, it is much easier to select a model suitable to your needs